What is MIPS?

Written by Mountain Horse


August 6, 2020

MIPS is a brain protection system — engineered to add protection to helmets

The MIPS Brain Protection System (BPS) is found inside the helmet, generally between the comfort padding and the EPS (a high-quality foam used to reduce energy). 

For certain impacts, the MIPS BPS can reduce harmful forces transmitted to the brain. 

MIPS stands for Multi-directional Impact Protection System.

Why do I need MIPS?

Injury statistics show that when you fall and hit your head, it’s most common to fall at an angle, compared to a linear fall. 

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Falling at an angle creates rotational motion and science has shown that our brains are very sensitive to rotational forces. In an angled impact, these forces may transfer to your brain, which can cause severe injuries. The MIPS BPS can reduce the rotational motion and reduce the risk of brain damage.

Rotational motion – why is it so harmful?

The human brain is amazing – but fragile. During an angled impact, rotational motion can cause strain to the brain tissue, which may lead to severe brain injuries. When you have suffered a concussion or even more serious damage to the brain, rotational motion to the brain is the most likely cause.

What is MIPS Helmet

How MIPS addresses the problem

The MIPS BPS allows the head to move inside the helmet which can reduce the harmful rotational motion otherwise transferred to the brain. 

When the rotational force is redirected, the risk of strain to the brain tissue is reduced. After conducting more than 31,000 tests, and moreover being validated and confirmed by third party testing, we know that the MIPS BPS adds protection at certain types of impacts.

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