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One K™ Defender AIR Suede

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The Perfect Equestrian Riding Helmet Fit for Inbetweeners! The secret is in the Air pump system that provides the ultimate in comfort & custom fit.

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Sizes X-Large, X-Small, X-Small Long Oval, Small, Small Long Oval, Medium, Medium Long Oval, Large, Large Long Oval
Colors Black Matte
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The Perfect Fit for Inbetweeners!

The One K Defender Air riding helmet is the perfect helmet if

  • Your head is not exactly round, nor exactly long oval!
  • You are between standard helmet sizes, or just plain hard to fit
  • You like to adjust the fit of your helmet throughout the day
  • You sometimes wear your hair up, other times down

So how can One K Defender Air riding helmets be so adjustable?
The secret is in the Air pump system that provides the ultimate in comfort & custom fit. The 3 hidden air pockets in the liner inflate by depressing its concealed air pump until you get the fit you want.

The Defender Air Helmet features a Chamude® synthetic suede covered Polycarbonate and Advanced ABS Composite outer shell; injection molded shell design; quick-dry, moisture wicking, anti-microbial liner; stainless steel mesh; comfort padded harness with synthetic suede lining, hook & loop adjustment, and Fastex buckle; two side, two front, one back, and two center stripe vents. One K™ Horse Riding Helmets boast the perfect synergy between advanced technology and aesthetically pleasing design. With enough features to appeal to those seeking everything a helmet could possibly offer, wrapped in a package that traditionalists can appreciate, One K™ has the best of both worlds. Certified to ASTM standards.

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  • Three hidden air pockets in liner inflate by pressing a concealed air plump in the harness to achieve desired fit
  • Chamude® synthetic suede covered Polycarbonate and Advanced ABS Composite outer shell
  • Two side, two front, one back, and two center stripe vents
  • Comfort padded harness with synthetic suede lining, hook & loop adjustment, and Fastex buckle
  • Washable quick-dry, moisture wicking, anti-microbial liner
  • ASTM/SEI F1163-15 certified

Helmet Shape

icone-helmetshape-roundCreated with Sketch.


Is shaped for a head which has almost identical front-to-back and side-to-side measurements.

icones-helmetshape-ovalCreated with Sketch.

Long Oval

Is shaped for a head which is longer front-to-back (from forehead to the back of the skull) than it is side-to-side (ear to ear).

One K™ Defender AIR Suede Features

468260 Defendersuede Helmet

Helmet Ventilation


Ventilation mesh on both sides, front, top, and back of helmet for a sporty look and maximum airflow.

Shorter harness

Air Pockets

3 hidden air pockets in liner inflate by depressing concealed air pump until desired fit is achieved.

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel Mesh won’t rust.

Stainless Steel

Fastex Buckle

Stainless Steel

Release Valve

Release Valve deflates air chambers.

5 reviews for Defender AIR Suede

  1. Holly

    I will agree with the other comments – it is so comfortable! All my old helmets fit great at first but started getting too loose as the padding compressed over time, which is not safe. I’ve even added foam strips to some of them lol. But this pump system is genius, if I need a snugger fit, just pump it a couple times. And it looks really great! Planning to get the matte one for schooling and keep the suede for shows.

  2. Patty

    I wanted to let you know how much I LOVE my One K Defender Air helmet! I have had this helmet for over a year and it is the most comfortable, well-fitted helmet that I have ever had. I have a long oval head which makes it hard to fit my head. I have had other helmets fitted to my head and then in a year the padding has moved or is not as full as it once was. The One K has its own built in adjust for me that is always there for me if I chose to wear my hair up or down, or change styles there is always an adjustment that is right for me. I sometimes forget that I have a helmet on my head and will get into my car with it on, can’t say that about any other helmet that I have owned.

  3. Amy

    I got this helmet as an early Christmas gift and I LOVE it so far! I have an odd shaped head that makes Charles Owen Helmets very uncomfortable. The One K looks amazing on and the Air Pump helps fill in the gaps on my head making for the perfect fit! The only thing I am not sure about is whether the liner can come out and be washed. It looks like it can, but unsure around the air pump. ***if anyone knows if it can be, please let me know!*** Otherwise, I highly recommend this helmet and will always go back to One K for future helmets!

  4. Lara

    This helmet is amazing, I love it so much!!! It is so comfy and lasts very long. I highly recommend. It looks amazing on, everybody compliments it.

  5. Anonymous

    Remember those sneakers that you used to pump up from that little bubble on the tongue? That is what this helmet is! I have an oddly-shaped head due to an injury and every other helmet I have tried leaves gaps and pressure points. This one uses the air to conform it to my head and seriously feels like wearing a pillow. I love it! The helmet itself is surprisingly cool and I feel very safe in it

    The only negative is that they don’t sell extra liners for the Air model (the regular defender liners don’t work since there is nothing to hook the pump too.

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