Helmets Save Lives!

Written by chad mendell


May 9, 2019

We often receive stories about how one of our helmets helped save a rider from injury. We’ve included three of those responses below. These stories range from a youth avoiding tragedy from a kick to the head to a horse spooking while taking a hack to cool off to even a professional rider who took a spill  As a company dedicated to rider safety, we hope you will read these accounts and make sure you always wear yours. Remember, if you do experience a fall involving your helmet, even if it looks like there’s no damage, be sure to replace your helmet before your next ride (One K offers a helmet replacement policy). There could be unseen damage that could reduce the effectiveness of the helmet.

“I wanted to give a big thank you to One K Helmets for protecting my head when I parted ways with a horse last week. I basically did a backward lawn dart with the back of my head and top of my shoulders taking all of the force of the impact (hence the broken collarbone).

This was one of my favorite helmets, but sadly it now will be retired as it did its job absorbing the impact and protecting my noggin. Remember to replace your helmet after a fall even if it looks fine! Mine cleaned up perfectly. Thank you One K Helmets!!” – Kim Gentry Dressage.

“This is why you should ALWAYS wear a helmet! The first photo is how the helmet should look. The second is what happens when it connects with a hoof. I’m walking away with a concussion and a nasty whiplash, but nothing more. Had I not been wearing a helmet I would most definitely be in the hospital with much more severe injuries” – Isabella Maset

“A huge thank you to One K Helmets for designing the Defender. The steel mesh bent, the helmet is dented, but my daughter is whole. A new one is on the way” – Mary Maset (Isabella’s mother)

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for engineering such a wonderful & safe helmet. Yesterday afternoon, our daughter Mikayla went out on a quick trail ride to cool off her horse, and he spooked, catching her off guard and she fell off. She hit the hard dirt & we are fairly certain she was knocked unconscious briefly. She was transported to our local ER where they concurred she had sustained a concussion.

What is amazing is just over a year ago she sustained another concussion (not in a riding accident), that was quite severe. Thankfully your helmet protected her so well yesterday, that this concussion is mild – which is so incredible because once someone has a concussion, receiving any other concussions can be so dangerous and severe. But she is safe, she is home and she will ride again soon! When she is able to ride again, you can bet that on her pretty little head will be a One K Helmets!!

Thank you again from this blessed and happy momma!” – Kati Horvath

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