Helmets Save Lives

Written by chad mendell


June 28, 2019

We often receive stories about how one of our helmets helped save a rider from injury. We’ve included four recent stories from One K Helmet users below. As a company dedicated to rider safety, we hope you will read these accounts and make sure you always wear yours. Remember, if you do experience a fall involving your helmet, even if it looks like there’s no damage, be sure to replace your helmet before your next ride (One K offers a helmet replacement policy). There could be unseen damage that could reduce the effectiveness of the helmet.

“This was one of my customer’s One K Helmets. She had a horse roll over over her head this past weekend. All she had was a concussion and a bloody nose” – Paula Merrill, Horsemen’s Outlet.

“I just bought my One K Helmets defender air in March. I had to write a review because I had a pretty bad fall today and landed directly on my head. My helmet did not shift at all! I was taken to the hospital for a CT scan of my head and neck X-ray. Thanks to my One K helmet my cat scan was normal!” – Rachel Elizabeth

“Thank you One K Helmets for keeping my noggin safe ????. I had a freak accident unloading my horse off the trailer today. Thank god I still had my helmet on” – Abby Stafford.

“I am so thankful for my One K! I was riding my dressage horse yesterday when he tripped and stumbled all the way to the ground. I have a sore shoulder and a scratched face, but my helmet saved me! Thank you.” Cathy Shore Hoysa.




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